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15" Aggressive, Sidney Rancher II Blade

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We offer a selection of blades to help suite your adventure. Choose the correct blade for the task at hand and always be prepared!

All Purpose Blade

This medium toothed blade has a double pointed raker between sets of cutting teeth, which clears the cutting notch of wood chips and fiber. This popular style cuts green wood but is right at home cutting dry hard and soft woods. Rust protective coating and hardened points make this versatile blade perfect for most uses.

Available in: 15" / 21" /24"

Sydney Rancher Blade

The Sydney Rancher is custom designed and  favoured  by those seeking an extremely aggressive and long lasting blade.  Long sharp edges in a unique pattern of large teeth provide aggressive cutting.   This heavy gauge blade will plow through
wood.  Locally made by craftsmen the Sidney Rancher II features hardened points and push/ pull cutting

Available in: 15" / 21" /24"

Hunter Blade

The Hunter's Blade is ideal for cutting through bone or meats.  The serrated high quality stainless steel blade stands up to the elements and is easy to clean.  This blade is the perfect choice for field dressing of game.

Available in: 15"/24"

Blade Replacement

1. Use any sturdy flat edge to remove c-clip

2. Slide the grooved pin out and remove the blade

3. Place new blade inside the frame and slide the grooved pin back through the outside hole

4. Use flat edge to snap the c-clip back over the grooved pin

5. Follow same instructions for the other end of the blade

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