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Giving back

The team at Agawa Canyon believes that wildlife and environmental conservation is vital to us and future generations.  We are pleased and privileged to donate 1% of our annual sales revenue wildlife and conservation related charities.


Canadian Canoe Museum

The Canadian Canoe Museum stewards the world’s largest and most significant collection of canoes, kayaks, and paddled watercraft.  These watercraft and their stories have a pivotal role to play in understanding our past and our future.

The new facility will inspire the community and visitors to learn about Canada’s collective history and build connections to land, water and one another through the unique lens of the iconic canoe.  


Outward Bound Canada

committed to helping Canadian youth change the trajectory of their lives. With young people desiring to thrive in an unpredictable and changing world, OBC, a registered charity, offers social-emotional education through experiential adventures in the outdoors. Since 1969, OBC has inspired over 150,000 participants, with a particular emphasis on providing greater access to those facing socioeconomic barriers, to discover their potential. These experiences develop resilience, social competence, and environmental awareness to contribute to a better, more compassionate, and resilient society.


Ontario Streams

Established in 1995, Ontario Streams is an environmental charity dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of streams and wetlands, through education and community involvement. Since our inception, we have worked closely with numerous communities, landowners, and school groups to develop lasting partnerships in education and environmental stewardship.



The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada’s only charity dedicated to the protection of public land, freshwater and ocean with a strong national and regional presence across the country. Working in a way that respects the sovereignty and leadership of Indigenous nations, we are focused on conserving nature to respond to the dual crises of accelerated biodiversity loss and climate change.




Weaving wildnerness, wisdom & work ethic into your child's high school education.

We deliver our core charitable activities to struggling youth.  This includes a Boundless Live-In-School and one-week stints that see hundreds of youth earn credits for their journeys in leadership and self-exploration.


WCS Canada

WCS Canada envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth.

WCS Canada saves wildlife and wild places in Canada through science, conservation action, and by inspiring people to value nature.




The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada’s only nationwide charity dedicated solely to the protection of our public land and water, and ensuring our parks are managed to protect the nature within them. In the past 50+ years, we’ve played a lead role in protecting over half a million square kilometres – an area bigger than the entire Yukon Territory! Our vision is to protect at least half of our public land and ocean in a framework of reconciliation – for the benefit of both wildlife and humans.

Nature Canada

Nature Canada is one of the oldest national nature conservation charities in Canada. For 80 years, Nature Canada has helped protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species. Today, Nature Canada represents a network of over 100,000 members and supporters and more than 800 nature organizations.




In 1960 the idea of a public footpath spanning the Niagara Escarpment in Southern Ontario was born.  Never in Canadian history had a trail of this scope been realized.  Raymond Lowes articulated this vision of a footpath to friend Robert Bateman at a meeting of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists.  And so, the Bruce Trail Conservancy came into being with a vision to secure a permanently protected natural footpath along the entire Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to Tobermory- a 900 km trail traversing public and privately-owned land.

In 2019,  Agawa Canyon Inc. was proud to be one of the many hundreds of donors who helped fund the purchase and preservation of Driftwood Cove – 3,276 acres of Bruce Peninsula wilderness and 8 km of Bruce Trail.



The Boundless School

History - We started in 1984 as an outdoor adventure centre, experimenting with who we could help and how much we could inspire people to go beyond their limits. In 1989, we became a charity and have since motivated 20,000 students to achieve outstanding outcomes. 



Project Canoe

Through the power of the outdoors, we help youth transform their lives.

We provide youth with the opportunity to experience wilderness canoe trips in northern Ontario each summer. We also offer recreational programs in Toronto throughout the year.

Our focus is on youth who might otherwise miss out on the experience of outdoor adventure as a result of various barriers they face in their lives. These barriers may be economic, social, learning or emotional.

Project Canoe is a Registered Charity established in 1977 and has served over 4000 youth.



Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society received our charitable support in 2015.  CPAWS is Canada’s major community based voice for public wilderness protection.  Working with government, First Nations, business and other organizations CPAWS specializes in the conservation of wildlife, parks, forests, oceans and grasslands, preserving Canada’s ecosystems in their full diversity.  Some current projects include protecting the Yukon’s Peel watershed from extraction industries, keeping development at bay on the fringes of Newfoundland’s Gros  Morne National Park and preserving the trans-border Flathead River Valley from development.  Their vision is to keep at least half of Canada's public land and water wild — forever.



Bird Studies Canada

In 2014, we chose to support: Bird Studies Canada.  The mission of Bird Studies Canada is to advance the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, in Canada and elsewhere, through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm, and support of its members, volunteers, and the interested public.  Bird Studies Canada is a not-for-profit organization built on the enthusiastic contributions of thousands of volunteer Citizen Scientists. Data from Bird Studies Canada's volunteer surveys and targeted research projects are used to identify significant population changes and help direct conservation planning.

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