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ADK26 - Transforming Camp Hatchet & Forest Axe

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14IN Hatchet
26IN Forest Axe


2.1LB/.95KG Hatchet
2.5LB/1.13KG Forest Axe


Long Fiber reinforced Nylon


Stainless Steel

Bit Sheath

Full Grain Leather


Hand Made Cordura


  • Extremely packable
  • Drop forged & hardened 5160 carbon steel axe head - black oxide finish for added added rust protection
  • Impact modified nylon 6 with long glass fiber handle - super tough, low vibration
  • Stainless steel attachment clips
  • Ergonomic wood grained handle - feels just right as a hatchet and an axe

Revolutionary Joint

our compression joint between the two parts ensures
absolute stability. No wobbling, no movement. Plus, stainless steel clips keep
the ADK 26 securely locked together, eliminating any risk of separation.

Packable and Versatile

The ADK26 comes complete with its own robust Cordura sheath, ingeniously designed to house all its components until the moment they're needed. When it's time for lighter duties, effortlessly slide out the hatchet; conversely, keep the extension handle discreetly tucked away for those times when you require additional strength.

Crafted by hand, the Cordura sheath also provides the flexibility to transport the axe either fully extended or disassembled, thanks to a convenient pass-through opening at the bottom. Plus, a handy clip tool is included for easy joint clip release when you're ready to pack everything back up.

Refined Head Design


The refined head makes easy work of small splitting, carving, shaping, and creating feather sticks. Its Scandinavian-inspired and crafted from drop-forged 5160 carbon steel,
delivers precision and control with every swipe.


Durability is a top
priority for us. We know that Mother Nature can be tough, so we've built the
ADK 26 to withstand the harshest conditions. From its rugged construction to
the hardened butt that doubles as a hammer, it's designed to handle whatever
you throw at it.

Takes on Big Tasks

with a simple extension the ADK transforms
into a 26-inch forest axe, ready to tackle bigger tasks. The wide cheeks on the
axe head provide the power you need for splitting logs and handling larger

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